026_WillaKvetaTerra Malia, founder and designer, is an artist who loves to get her hands dirty. Falling in love with succulents many years ago sent her down a career path bringing natural beauty to weddings, events, offices and homes.  Born and raised on the Hawaiian islands and raising a young family in Santa Barbara has inspired her to mimic nature’s beauty wherever possible.  Terra Malia is proud to work with and support regional farmers and growers whenever possible.  Terra Malia Designs is a 1% for the Planet member and donates 1% of company revenue to environmental education and protection.


Dave Fortson, chief marketing officer, has a long history in event production, event management and business development. Dave’s focus is on communicating, marketing and building the operational infrastructure for Terra Malia Designs. Dave is also CEO and Founder of LoaTree, Inc based in Santa Barbara, California.  Dave has been helping ‘grow’ Terra Malia Designs for six years.

Dave is lucky enough to be married to the founder of Terra Malia Designs and be raising two lovely girls with her.  😉